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Please use hasOwnProperty: short story of a hack

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I know a lot of developers, when writing JavaScript, tend to neglect hasOwnProperty. I can understand it, too. First, it takes a lot of writing: compare if (foo.hasOwnProperty('bar')) to if ( Also, some coders assume that if the object you’re handling is a simple object you created yourself and that you know it has no prototype inheritance, then hasOwnProperty is useless.

The problem is that hasOwnProperty is almost always relevant. As in 99% of the cases. So, why not make a habit of always using it? When you don’t, it can really bite you in the ass. Here’s a short story:

The story of a hack

I was helping a friend with his Node.js server. I happened to glance a little piece of code that was basically a cache of valid administration authentication keys. An approximation is:

var adminCache = {};
fetchAdminKeysFromDatabase().forEach(function(key) {
    adminCache[key] = true;

// ...

if (adminCache[request.getParameter('key')]) {
    // Assume the request is authenticated
} else {
    // Return 403

Seems legit, right? Well, maybe at first glance. But imagine what happens if an attacker passes in a key of "toString"? BOOM! Yes, it’s that easy to get pwned.

That’s because adminCache, like any other object, has a toString property. I can only imagine how many similar bugs are waiting out there because of this.

Of course, had the line been if (adminCache.hasOwnProperty(request.getParameter('key'))) everything would have been just fine.

So, please, use hasOwnProperty.

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