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Using Evernote for Fun and Profit

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I wanted to share how much I’m in love with the collection of bits called Evernote. It is by far one of the best lifehacks I’ve found in the past year and I just had to spread the word to those that haven’t started using it yet.

Evernote basically allows you to move a lot of the data you keep in your head, drawers, phone etc. to it, thus enabling you to free your really expensive brain GBs and make your life easier and less stressful. I’d like to mention that even though Evernote has a premium plan, I’m using the free plan for everything that I’m going to describe and it still kicks butt.

Real examples of how much awesome I get from Evernote

  • I no longer keep bills, letters etc. around after I read them just in case I’ll need them. I scan them or even just snap it with my iPhone and put it on Evernote. Evernote automatically OCRs the text so that I can even search it later, and I get rid of paper I don’t want to keep.
  • When the washing machine technician came over to teach us how to use it, I just created a new audio note on Evernote and recorded his explanation. I knew I’m terrible at remembering these things and didn’t even bother. Now I’ve got it and every time I need to remember what that little thingie does, I can check.
  • I’ve got the Evernote Web Clipper extension on Chrome that allows me to save a web page or a part of it to Evernote with the click of a button, so that every reference material I can ever look for is instantly saved.
  • I’m using ifttt to automatically save every tweet I favorite to Evernote – making favorites useful again.
  • You can get a specific email address from Evernote that takes whatever you mail it and creates a note out of it. I’ve saved this in my contacts as “QQQ” meaning it takes me less than 5 seconds to save every little idea the comes to mind.
  • You can search all of this stuff super fast. Evernote is basically the best reference material storage system I could think of. This with the quick-emailing trick allows for a great Getting Things Done set up.
  • And last but not least, Evernote magically works everywhere – on my mac, my phone and my iPad. Meaning I easily snap a recipe on my mac and then take the iPad with me to the kitchen and it’s right there. I can quickly get whatever I need on the go on my phone. Just geek joy!

Do yourself a solid and start using it ASAP. I’m not getting a dime out of this, it’s really that good it deserves this post!

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