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Crafting Up - Community is Key

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It’s been almost a year now since the founding of our local Software Craftsmanship group. This, for me, is a huge dream-come-true.

For years I’ve been looking for a good community around here to join, went to several meetups and looked around to no avail. My frustration grew about a year ago when I noticed the Chicago community is so buzzing with activity, people there have a meetup every day almost. That’s why when Uri started organizing the first meeting I jumped in whole-heartedly.

In just a few months the meeting has influenced me quite a lot. First of all I got to meet a lot of new, smart and interesting┬ápeople I never would have otherwise. It’s not easy to find people that are as passionate about our profession as I am, yet our group didn’t disappoint me.

The meetings also supply my need to pair with new people. Pair programming is a magical way of working and sharing knowledge, and I’ve yet to have a session with a new pair without picking up something new. I love the first minutes where we have to find a common language to get things started, and even more the high fives of getting a green bar.

Also, a good community is the best way to get feedback. I can say I’m trying to leech this to the max. I’ve already gave talks/sessions at 2 meetings, bugging people frequently on twitter and the mailing list. A varied community of like minded people allows you to get different outlooks and insights to things you’ve been neck-deep in for a while.

And last but not least, a good community might make magic stuff happen. I don’t know how, but I’m sure our group had something to do with the fact some of us got to have dinner with Uncle Bob and Brett Schuchert, two awesome coders and Clean Code authors, on their last visit here.

Bottom line, be part of a community, and if there isn’t one around you help start it! It’s a great source of kindred spirits, an invaluable and rare resource!

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