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Notes from the 5th Israeli Software Craftsmanship Meeting

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This week I had the pleasure to attend to the 5th meeting of our Software Craftsmanship group, and boy what a meeting it was. For the first time we’ve tried a different format that is 100% hands-on and reduced someone-talking-with-slides time to a minimum.

The meeting was composed of 3 tables: a code review table where people actually brought code from home/work and discussed about with others, a TDD table where a veteran TDDer talked people through a Kata and a third table, led by yours truly, that aimed to introduce people to the concept of DRY and tackling some duplications problems.

Unfortunately for me, this means I couldn’t take part in the other tables, but from what I could pick up I must say it was really fun getting so much positive feedback for a meeting.

The DRY table consisted of a Kata I’ve composed specifically to raise issues of duplication already a few minutes into it, which you can find here. It was amazing seeing people keep working on the Kata after the 1-hour dedicated to it was up, and I never expected to see such variety (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP were all spotted)!

The slides from my (extremely) short introduction to DRY are available here:

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