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The What-Do-I-Do-With-My-Angular-Project Package

You’ve already invested in learning and developing a working Angular 1 app.
And now you’re unsure about the future of it.
Maybe continue with 1.x but use components and one-way bindings?
Or should you upgrade to Angular 2? When? How? How long will it take?
Should you use ES5, ES6, TypeScript?

I can help you pick a tailor-made path that’s appropriate for you, your team and your business’s goals.

The package includes:

  • High level code review of your existing app (deep code review upgrade available)
  • An interview and roadmapping session (remotely, about 2 hours)
  • Availability for emailing questions for 2 months (can be extended)

The package costs only $799.

Get your app in order

Full-Stack, Frontend and iOS Consulting

  • Planning: Starting a new thing and need help planning, architecting and scoping it?
  • Shipping: Need something done but your team doesn’t have the capacity?
  • Maintaining: Could use an experienced pair of eyes to review and help get things back in shape?
  • Training: Got some new hires that need to be brought up to speed to specific technologies? Shifting your team to a new stack?

I can help with all of the above and more, contact me.